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The first tech-enabled carer community marketplace, we combine our expertise in care with advanced matching technology to help you find the perfect carer for you or your loved ones.

We strive to ensure dignity, insight and delight.

Forming a connection between patients and carers is vital in delivering high quality care. We work tirelessly with our carers to empower them to go beyond care, and into forming meaningful and lasting connections with their patients and clients.

Patient-carer matching

We connect patients based not only on care needs, but also on personalities and preferences to ensure the perfect fit with their carers.

Daily in-depth reporting

We produce a report at the end of each shift to ensure you stay connected with your loved ones. Reports can also be shared with doctors and care homes for immediate patient insights.

Patient delight

We strive for moments of delight between patients and carers. Something as small as a shared art session, or a chocolate on a pillow before bed can go a long way.

We’ll help you find the perfect care solution.

Figuring out the type and level of care needed can be daunting. Together with you, we tailor the perfect care package to suit your loved one’s needs, your needs and your budget.

Home care

Home-based care is to promote, restore and maintain a patient’s maximum level of comfort, function, and health while allowing a person to live safely in their own home. It can include a part time or full time carer to assist with some or all activities of daily living.* Care may be short term or long term depending in the needs of the client.

Recovery care

Recovery care is suited to those who have recently had an operation or an incident or illness.

Specialised nursing

This is carried out by a registered nurse, who will visit you at home to perform tasks that specifically need nursing training and experience. This could include general health assessments, taking of vital signs or observations, wound dressings, treating and managing skin problems such as pressure sores, giving injections and administering some types of medication. They can also provide any care for surgical procedures, such as tracheostomies, stomas and catheters, that need specialist training.

Palliative care

This type of care gives comfort and dignity to those needing care in approaching end of life.

Respite care

This type of care is short-term and is supplied to relive your primary care giver at anytime should they not be available.

Companion Care

This service includes transport to doctors’ rooms, doing the grocery shopping or simply popping in to see everything is okay.